Service Commitments: through Recovery and Beyond

As addiction professionals, we’re intimately aware of the life-saving value that service commitments offer for those working through Recovery.

We also understand that helping those struggling with addiction is a path that requires dedication, hard work, and resilience.

This is why we find ways to remember our purpose for venturing into the addiction therapy field.

It’s a commitment we choose to renew with each new client, each session, and in every opportunity to affect someone’s life for the better.

What better means to reinforce our purpose in this field than to engage in service commitments throughout our careers?

After all, we’re “helping professionals” — and we succeed because we’re united.

So please, if you feel so called, consider volunteering as a board or committee member with WAADAC, in the spirit of reaffirming our sincerest “Why?”

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: [next steps for those interested in board/committee positions]

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