Welcome to WAADAC!

WAADAC, the Voice for Washington State Addiction Professionals

NAADAC’s state affiliate in Washington has a new name: WAADAC, the Voice for Washington State Addiction Professionals!

WAADAC was founded to establish a forum for common interests and concerns to be discussed, bringing about better communications among professional personnel; to create a voice on policy; to recommend guidelines and standards for substance use disorder facilities, programs, and personnel; to take whatever actions are deemed necessary to improve the effectiveness of work on behalf of those with substance use disorders and their families. WAADAC is the Washington state affiliate of NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals.

Members (or prospective members) are welcome to join the board for our quarterly meetings. We have committee positions available! Please let us know which committees you would like to see. Please contact us at waadac.2020@gmail.com for dates, times, and Zoom meeting login information.